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Macular Pucker (Epiretinal Membrane)

Also known as epiretinal membrane, macular pucker occurs when abnormal cells grow over the macula. This leads to blurry or distorted vision. We diagnose this condition and asses the severity with a dialted eye exam and retinal imaging. Often, patients are asymptomatic and the condition is monitored. However, if the distortion or blurry vision begins to worsen or significantly impact a patient’s life, then surgical removal is an option.

In surgery, three small ports are placed into the eye. A vitrectomy, or removal of the vitreous, is performed. Once this is completed, the membrane is removed carefully with small forceps. Removal of the membrane allows the macula to “relax” back into position, often improving distorted vision. The recovery period from this surgery is typically 1-2 weeks.

All of our surgeons have significant experience with this procedure.

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